A Word about Canon – Pegg

Simon Pegg, actor, comedian, writer and soon to the mayor of SDCC, has taken to his official website to once again address the issue of Sulu’s sexuality and touch out why he feels its completely acceptable to change a character so freely.

His lengthy post, which can be read in full here, goes into a star-trek style explanation of how the Kelvin-universe was created and who its generated “rift in space time” that generated “new realities in all different directions…this is just one of them.”

Its an interesting take, and I recommend all fans of the series take a look at the full article when you get a chance.

The idea that changing the Sulu character ruins Star Trek or is offensive to the original ideas of Gene Roddenberry is ridiculous. If he could have done this back in the 60s/70s he would have. Gene always pushed the boundaries with what was ‘acceptable’ at the time because he truly believed in a world of tolerance, acceptance and love.

I believe these changes actually represent more of Gene’s full vision of Star Trek and should be embraced by fans.



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